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Scholarships and Awards

We honor dedication and hard work at the College of Letters & Sciences. Our generous scholarship and awards programs ensure that you can focus your energy on what really matters - your education - and not on how you will pay for it.

Depending on your major and interests, the College offers a wide range of scholarships and awards programs that provide funding and recognition for your academic endeavors. These include . . .



  • Jack Cummings Biology Award
  • Joseph J. Chopp Scholarship for Outstanding Biology Students
  • Donald J. Stevenson MD Scholarship
  • Sable Scholarship
  • James Schlough Scholarship
  • Willard Gross Memorial Scholarship


  • John W. Brooks Scholarship (Incoming Freshman)
  • Paul E. Wenaas Freshman Scholarship
  • Paul E. Wenaas Junior Scholarship
  • Organic Chemistry Award
  • Analytical Chemistry Award


  • Jack A. Heide Scholarship
  • Paul Grant Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert and Marion Burrows Scholarship
  • Edie Thornton Memorial Scholarship [Application]

Foreign Languages

  • Bertha Lefler Scholarship
  • Aldo & Adriana Busot Scholarship


  • Margy Folkerth Scholarship


International Studies

How to apply for International Studies Scholarships

  • International Scholarship for Semester Exchange
  • International Scholarship for Short Term Travel
  • Weiler & Co. Study Abroad Scholarship
  • International Credit Executives Scholarship

Computer Science

  • William F. Johnston Computer Science Award


  • Carroll and Kay Flanagan Mathematics Scholarship
  • Clayton Droullard Mathematics Scholarship
  • Marian Baldwin Schlicher Scholarship
  • William Beck Scholarship
  • Rex and Germaine Foster Scholarship
  • Stephen Lewandowski Mathematics Scholarship

Political Science

  • Dr. John F. Kozlowicz  Scholarship in Legal Studies
  • Paul A. Miller Family Endowed Scholarship in Political Science
  • The Institute of Democracy and Civic Engagement Award
  • The Political Science Writing Award 


  • First Year Physics Award
  • Physics Dept. Scholarship
  • Physics Exceptional service Award
  • R. W. Prucha Memorial Scholarship


Note: All of these scholarships require a Psychology Scholarship Application. Applications are due to Dr. Elizabeth Olson, Winter 5043, by Thursday, April 1, 2010.


  • A. A. Upham Science Scholarship

Social Work

  • Ralph Navarre Scholarship

Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice

Women's Studies